This page will be dedicated to women’s and children’s issues, which are topics I’ve become increasingly passionate about.

I see stories or videos in the news every day that just break my heart. I am a strong believer in educating women and giving them the tools to success. Education, healthcare, and a real chance to succeed are denied of women in so many parts of the world. It has been proven that women can be the key to an area’s success. I believe deeply in the ability of women. I also believe it is the responsibility of each citizen in the world to watch out for and take of children. We adults have to be the ones who fight for and protect those that cannot provide for or protect themselves.

Where I live, women and children have a great life if they have had certain privileges or are of a certain status. Korean women are enjoying more freedom than ever–and along with old patriarchal beliefs, a great deal more responsibility. However, Korean women are among the strongest women I’ve encountered yet!



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