I would like to travel several countries in my lifetime; however, I am more interested in spending time in a select few countries to immerse myself in the culture. While it would be very nice to travel to every country in Asia, it is more financially feasible for me to choose those areas that I really want to see.

My desire to travel first started when I was 14 years old. I went on a family trip to Mazatlan, Mexico. From that vacation, I vividly remember the smells, the sights, the music, and the passion. In middle school, I had my first Spanish class. It was fantastic, but going to Mexico just sparked my desire to learn more of the language and more about Latin American culture (and its roots). That desire carried through to university, where I was able to study abroad in Granada, Spain. Spain was the turning point that solidified that travel–and/or living abroad–would be part of my life indefinitely. Many people ask when I am coming back to the U.S.A., when I am going to “get rid of” or “lose” the travel bug. It’s difficult to make others understand that it is not a phase; it is a conscious way of life. No doubt that you global nomads out there know exactly what I mean.

My most recent chapter has brought me to a place I’d never imagined or dreamt of living: East Asia. I currently reside in Seoul, South Korea, my departure point for other adventures whenever my day job allows me to go. A lot of this blog will be an examination of Korean culture, a phenomenon I am still trying to understand to the best of my ability.


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