Here is a list of some of my favorite blogs to get recipes from. Most of them are either dedicated to gluten-free food and/or healthy eating. They have been wonderful! – Specializing in healthy recipes and figure competition meals – Recipes for every meal, many of which tailored to special and restrictive diets. Offers a lot of Paleo recipes and uses a lot of natural substitutes in baking. I have found amazingly tempting gluten-free desserts on here–just click on the “desserts” tab. I could scroll through them for hours… ^*

Seasonal gluten-free recipes and a plethora of ways to use quinoa in meals.

A fellow English teacher in South Korea documents his/her vegan and gluten-free meals, snacks, and desserts. The best part of this website is that most people living in Korea have access to the ingredients used in these recipes!

A website I recently stumbled across in my quest to find healthy sugar-free and gluten-free recipes. The ingredients in some of the recipes are a bit harder for me to get a hold of living overseas, but I find I’m able to adapt most of them to what I have or can get.

Recipes and easy reading about food and fitness. Includes topics about seasonal foods/drinks, calorie intake, fitness clothing, etc.

The website I use to order the majority of my gluten-free products, including all of the items under my “Gluten-Free Favorites” post. Shipping is reasonable; you can get vitamins, supplements, snacks, desserts, mixes, whole foods such as oats, sugar substitutes like agave, and more. Use my referral code to get a discount on your first order: WUH543.

Last but not least is a bakery that offers gluten-free AND vegan goods: Alien’s Day Out Bake Shop. This is offered to people living in or near Seoul, South Korea. The bakery offers quick delivery to your door for only 2,000 Korean Won. I usually like to make my own baked goods, but this is wonderful for those times you want to order something special that Alien offers. I would definitely splurge on a gluten-free cake for a friend–or myself! Help support this wonderful business!


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