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I love to bake. I grew up in a household where my mom baked chocolate chip cookies at least once or twice a month. They are my vice! I started baking cakes from scratch with one of my good friends when we were teenagers. I am a person that has to follow a recipe. Sometimes I think I can be creative, try to throw stuff in, and it just never turns out as good as I hope or expect it to be!

Going gluten-free was a huge adjustment at first. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to bake–and enjoy the results–again. Now is one of the best times to become gluten-free. The market has just exploded with gluten-free options, flours, snacks, pre-made mixes, desserts, etc. A lot of the recipes I post are ones that I’ve found elsewhere (usually on other blogs) and just adapted to my own specifications. Most of the time, it just depends on what I have on hand to use as ingredients!

Since doing my figure competition, I’ve made a lot more “clean” meals than I did before. By clean, I mean low-sodium, unprocessed foods. I have become a lot more sensitive to sugar, so I’ve started using honey as an alternative when baking. I am interested in using agave, as it’s lower on the glycemic index and has equal (if not better) benefits. There are a few ingredients I keep in: butter (the real stuff) and eggs. Almost any recipe on here can easily be adapted to a Vegan diet. There are several other ingredients/substitutions (coconut oil, coconut flour, flax seed) I’d like to experiment with, but they are a bit harder to get a hold of here in Korea. I just use what I can get here–or what I already have. Hope some of the recipes are useful to you! Happy baking~


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