My Story

My own story is that I am one of those “undiagnosed” Celiacs. Basically I caught my intolerance before it turned into the full-blown disease. I pursued my diagnosis in two ways: I first tried cutting foods out of my diet by myself, then later went to a gastroenterologist. Unfortunately for me, I learned more by educating myself about gluten-intolerance and experimenting with my diet than I did from the gastroenterologist. I may have gone about it in the wrong way. I had already started cutting gluten products out of my diet prior to going to the gastroenterologist. The doctor advised me to eat a piece of bread every day for a year if I wanted the “sprue” test to come back positive. Having already quelled intense abdominal pain and started enjoying a happier, healthier life, I was not willing to do that just to get a positive test result.

I am definitely gluten-intolerant: I cannot eat bread, pastries, pasta, or anything that has wheat, barley, rye, “modified food starch”, etc. Living in Asia has not been easy, where many people understand I cannot have bread but immediately after offer me a piece of cake.  I plan to provide you with a list of my gluten-free favorites.


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