This page will detail my experiences going gluten-free. Whether you have been recently diagnosed with Celiac’s disease, are somewhere in the indefinable range of “gluten intolerant”, or have simply chosen to lead a gluten-free lifestyle, one thing is for sure: it is difficult at first. Only at first. It gets much easier–as you see what your body can handle, as you identify what foods are “triggers”, and as you find good gluten-free replacements of staples in your diet–you will see it is entirely feasible. The wonderful news is that the United States is quickly recognizing how many people suffer from auto-immune disorders like Celiac’s disease. More American food products are labeled “gluten-free” and are consciously notifying consumers of the ingredients. In addition, delicious gluten-free alternatives have been developed within the last few years that actually compete with–not just compare to–the “real” stuff.


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