By luck or by curse, I have a body type that has to get out and be active. For any of you that have read Eat Right for Your Blood Type by Dr. Peter D’Adamo, I am an O blood type. Coincidentally, O blood types should avoid wheat products and certain carbohydrates…! (I wish I would have researched the book sooner–I might have tried to go gluten-free earlier on!) In the book, Dr. D’Adamo also recommends the amount of exercise that is best suited for your blood type. He says O blood types require “strenuous exercise” almost daily.

I come from a very active family; both of my parents used to teach aerobics classes. I literally grew up in a gym, attending my mom’s aerobics classes a few times per week (daycare was unavailable). I played soccer all through high school, endured a grueling knee surgery and recovery, and have continued exercising off-and-on throughout my life. No matter what, I strive to stay active, even if I am unable to engage in the “strenuous exercise” recommended above. For me, an active lifestyle makes for a happy soul. I truly do need and crave at least an hour a day to move my body–whether it’s doing my Insanity workout program, walking my dog, riding my bike, or doing a mellow yoga/stretching session.

My routine may or may not work for others. Either way, I will share what I’ve learned, as well what has and has not worked for me. No matter what your schedule or situation is, I encourage each person to take that minimum one hour per day for yourself. It is vital to our sanity–and our spiritual clarity.


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