About Me

I am a young woman on a spiritual and physical journey. My goal is to utilize this blog as a platform to share what I learn while exploring different lands, cultures, lifestyles, and ways of thinking. I will write about my experience of living gluten-free for the past five years. Being gluten-free has truly changed my life and is responsible for the importance I now place on personal health, nutrition, and fitness.  

I hope to engage in dialogue with others regarding their thoughts and experiences–about travel, life, cultural beliefs, languages, important issues, and an array of other topics. One thing I want to indirectly impart to readers is empowerment of women. 

Above all, I have created this blog to explore my creativity through writing. I have always longed to write. Up until now, I have only written privately–either in my journal or to close friends and relatives. It was not until recently that I gained the confidence to publicly voice my thoughts. At times, my opinions may make me appear vulnerable; they may be controversial. More than anything, I want to share my opinions with the world and generate feedback about this incredible, magical journey we are all on. Namaste!~


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