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Welcome! Bienvenidos! 오서오십시요!

12 Feb

Welcome to my blog! 

I am excited to share ideas, thoughts, curiosities, and observations with you. Soon, I will write my first “real” post–not just an introduction. The three languages in the title represent the three languages I know and am presently learning (English (native tongue), Spanish, and Korean). My profile picture is the “Om” symbol, as I am trying to find balance and am seeking my true destiny. Join me in my journey to a better understanding. I do not expect to be enlightened necessarily, but just to gain a stronger sense of myself through writing. I hope to become a more open-minded, compassionate individual as this process develops.

Here is one of my favorite pictures taken on a memorable vacation last year. I know it does not follow any “photography” rules and is probably a horrible picture to photo critics; however, I love the way the clouds are wisping through the air, inviting us to follow them. Here’s to finding out where they lead..